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The Around the Cable is a unique specialized event yearly gathering under its roof hundreds of leading national and foreign specialists in technologies of assembly and servicing of wiring telecommunication networks.


FTTX: where the optics will end?

Together with the development of fiber-optic networks they dispute about where the optics should end the copper should begin, an incorrect solution may result in the restriction of the transmission capacity and the growth of expenses.

Optics: commutation secrets.

As the number of used FOC grows, the more considerable is the matter of organization of their easy and high quality commutation – this problem is the most sharp for communication hubs and DPCs.

THE SCOPE OF THE FORUM covers all the matters related to designing, construction, upgrading and exploitation of the networks on the basis of copper and fiber-optic cables:

Modern line-cable constructions

LCC compounds (cables and means of their switching, cable bearers and protection). Solutions for backbone lines and access networks of different scope (city, district, town, industrial site, office, residential building).

Cable assembly and servicing technologies

Construction, upgrading and repairing of cable communication lines
(materials, technologies, tools, small-scale mechanization)

Copper and fiber-optic cable parameter measuring

Cables and their specifications: new designs. Measuring equipment and metrological tools.

Diagnostics and troubleshooting

Approaches, methods and algorithms, measuring equipment, practice and experience.
Activation and exploitation of xDSL and FTTx.

Measurements on the new generation networks

Parameters which are critical for modern transmitting system.
New reality and its specificity: packet networks, VoIP, V2oIP, IPTV, VoD.
Protocol analysis. Matters of compatibility. Testing under pressure.

Broadband networks operation

Cable networks and Operational Support Systems (OSS). Fault Management, Configuration Management and Performance Management

Measurements on the new generation networks

Parameters which are critical for modern transmitting system.
New reality and its specificity: packet networks, VoIP, V2oIP, IPTV, VoD.
Protocol analysis. Matters of compatibility. Testing under pressure.

THE PROGRAM OF THE FORUM “Around the Cable” is given here. In course of the preparation the program will be specified. Sign up now for the news channel of the Forum here to receive all the Forum program updates and its news.


Besides the topics, what is the Forum unique for?

As against many other events, the Forum has almost no advertising presentations. Its distinctive feature is the emphasis on:
  • reports of specialists, practitioners sharing their experience,
  • messages from manufacturers representing the latest technologies,
  • live demonstration of the equipment at the exhibition and within the master-classes,
  • free discussions and negotiations of the problems and their solutions among the professionals.
Every year we hold an opinion poll for all the participators and we build up the program taking into account the opinion of the majority. Due to such a tough policy the Forum “Around the Cable” is the site for business communications where the decision-makers obtain the necessary information.


What is the Forum audience different for?

We do our best to harmoniously represent all the wiring communication market agents in the Forum.
From one side, these are consumers, i.e. fixed and mobile communication operators, Internet providers, cable TV operators, departmental communication operators, energy providing companies, large industrial enterprises as well as designing, construction and exploitation agencies servicing them.
From the other side these are suppliers, i.e. manufacturers and their agents, service providers, system integrators and their construction and assembly departments.

They all are attracted by the style, atmosphere and objectives of the Forum:

  • to get the participators acquainted with the trends of the market development;
  • to create favourable atmosphere for fruitful discussions;
  • to present the novelties and the trends of the industry.
Sign up today for you and your organization to participate in the Forum “Around the Cable” making your informational contribution into the development of wiring communication in Ukraine.

The A-KOM Academy is a training and consulting center for professionals working in telecommunications. The information on the A-KOM Academy is given on its site edu.a-kom.ua


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