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Professionals’ meeting


collocated with VI international forum “Around the Cable”, spring 2011

19 May 2011 ● Kyiv ● Velyka Zhytomyrska, 33 ● The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry


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What is this «Around IP »?

It is the same, that «Around the Cable», but with the bigger diameter of a circle.

«Around IP» – meeting of professionals, whose daily work is connected with designing, construction, upgrade and service of modern corporate communication systems.

«Around IP» – Place for business-communications at which everyone who provides the domestic companies with communication equipment and services can meet with clients whoever they are.

«Around IP» – Place for communication of specialists where it is possible to gain knowledge, to get practical skills and to discuss positive experience of colleagues’ activity.

«Around IP» – The unique industry event favorably differing from all other by complex approach, quality of information content, international level and width of audience.

«Around IP» – It is reasonable balance between engineering and business aspects on the full range of questions connected with corporate communication in its all applications.

The Questions, answers for which you may find at «Around IP», аre:

Public network as corporate communication system trunk
Operators, who helps us to build the distributed corporate networks, and their services (MetroEthernet, VPN, QoS, SL A): who are our heroes?
Refusals of networks access: how to arrange redundant connection with operators?
Leased lines for corporate communication system: the Internet, dedicated trunk, copper, fiber, open space optics or radio?

Corporate DPC (Data Processing Center)
We build own DPC : where to begin and when to finish?
Rent of resources DPC from operator: how another's and distant make native and close?

Structured cabling system
Copper or optics: where is reasonable limit of voice and video requirements? And what about tomorrow?
Switching and control: when to start to put things in order in MAC (Move, Add, Change)?
Structured Cabling Systems at manufacturing facilities: how to provide reliable access?

Office working places: the fixed access or mobility?
Wireless office: what are VoIP and V2oIP requirements for Wi-Fi access?
Points of presence and mobile employees: can EDGE /LTE and Wi-Fi/WiMax sustain?
Local networks on hazardous plant: may they be reliable and not dangerous?

PoE and terminals uninterruptible power supply
PoE: how to break VoIP communication dependence from local power?
Corporate communication systems power supply without failures: is it not that you thought?

VoIP (voice over IP)
Unobvious opportunities of VoIP : so, why everyone changes over to it?
Separation with traditions: how to make a fatal step to VoIP and do not regret?
Free-of-charge equipment exist! How much operation costs?
Free-of-charge service exists! How to buy up reliability?

V2oIP (voice and video over IP)
Visual communication and video conferencing: why video is so necessary for business?
H.264 SVC : will traditional video conferencing systems survive?
From visual communication to telepresence: is it necessary to stop in time?

CCTVoIP (videosurveillance over IP) IP cameras, structured cabling and LAN: how to build a right network for video surveillance?
HD video surveillance: how to open the second sight?
DVR : how to keep and protect videodata from IP cameras?
Video surveillance on manufacturing and business facilities: the fifth wheel or HiTech a cudgel?

Digital Signage (videoinformation systems)
Videoscreens, players, servers: how to put them together and put to work?
Digital Signage for public objects: advertising has died, long live to advertising!

Network management and security
Telecommunication resources and service charges audit: what is it, what for is it, what it can give?
Rules and the check lists: is it really enough to put everything in order?
Specificity of VoIP: everything becomes more complicated?
LAN breaking-in through IP camera: one more legend of Hollywood or real fact?

Protocol analysis and troubleshooting
PC is the oscilloscope and voltmeter for itself: is it really truth?
Toolkit: «from simple to complex» it is equal «from cheap to expensive» or not?
VoIP peculiar properties: the voice over IP it is not a traditional telephony!
V2oIP peculiar properties: video over IP it is not a voice!

People is our main capital
The trained employee: fairy tales or fact?
From knowledge to skills: where and how to touch everything

How to attend the Meeting?

Participation in the meeting «Around IP» is free of charge for listeners, but it is possible only with preliminary registration. To attend meeting it is necessary to fill in the registration questionnaire.

Important Note! This year forum and meeting admission is possible only by invitation.
Only the registered visitors can receive the invitation. Registration directly at the forum is possible on paid basis. Organizers reserve the right to deny service in case of lack of seats. You may find additional information from Forum «Around the Cable» and Meetings «Around IP» administration upon written enquiry.

Information for Meeting sponsors

How the Meeting will be organized?

The principle of organization of the Meeting «Around IP» is rather simple, highly effective, proved at work and highly accepted by the audience. We place special emphasis on direct personal contact creation within the group of professionals interested in discussion of announced questions.

The meeting in each of groups will be conducted by several leaders among whom there will be representatives of sponsors and administration. The Meeting holding technology will provide leaders with following basic goals:

  • to announce the “hot” topics,
  • to build the groups according to declared topics and own interests,
  • to arrange free communication inside of them.

Leaders may present their solutions and concepts in the form of:

  • success story reports by practical experts,
  • new technology presentations by manufacturer representatives,
  • equipment and applications demonstration during the master-classes,
  • free discussion and consideration of problems and their solutions.

From year to year we collect opinions of all our open events participants («Applications Days», training courses, the Forum, etc.) taking place throughout Ukraine. So we have full picture of their vital interests. We know, what it is interesting for experts of the industry «around IP» – topics of the Meeting
«Around IP» is based on analysis of these inquiries.

Through the strict information policy the Meeting «Around IP» considered as place for business-communications where technical experts and the making decisions persons get necessary information.

The wide contact base of the industry professionals established thanks to our free events. We do everything to gather at the Meeting «Around IP» all interested market participants:

  • small, average and large integrators;
  • resellers with client base in regions;
  • design and installation contractors;
  • large corporate clients;
  • leads of IT departments.

We know how to gather target audience «Around IP».
We may help to work effectively with this audience providing right atmosphere for free communication «Around IP».
Together we shall make this audience be satisfied with results of the Meeting and attract more and more colleagues to meet «Around IP» again and again.

Register as the leader of a topic now. Give your organization chance to take part in the Meeting «Around IP» and make information contribution to development of new generation of Ukraine corporate communication systems. You may find information at www.vokrugip.com.ua or www.vokrugkabelya.com.ua. Additional information is available from the Meeting administration upon written enquiry.


The A-KOM Academy is a training and consulting center for professionals working in telecommunications. The information about the A-KOM Academy and its projects is given on its web site www.edu.a-kom.ua.


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